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"The most entertaining bar band
in metropolitan Pittsburgh"

The Guitarnival


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (11/19/19)

Dave Iglar is one of Pittsburgh’s longest-running guitar heroes, going back to the ’80s when he played in Force Field and with Shari Richards as Dave and Shari and in the ’90s with Dave Iglar and the Igniters. Continuing to work in the spirit of influences like Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, Iglar is about to release a new, 32-song album called “The Guitarnival” which he says will run the gamut of “rock, blues, jazz, Americana, world beat and avant-garde.” He’s joined by his daughter Andrea Iglar on sax, vocals and guitar; keyboardist Joel Tischuk; bassist Chuck Simon; percussionist Mark DeMeno; and drummer David ‘D-Kat” Katalin. Asked about the hefty number of songs on “The Guitarnival,” Iglar said, “Heck, I had more, but I had to stop somewhere!”

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