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Cobra CD (2006)
  • Cobra CD (2006)


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Dave Iglar Band
14 Original Songs
60+ mins of music!
"A charming fusion of rock, blues & jazz"

"Loaded with the blistering blues-rock that fans of the guitarist have come to expect."
-CD Review 2006

2-Watchin' Blues
3-Lies for Sale
4-Miles Shorter
5-Blue Heart
6-Darkview (Living Intense)
8-Raggedy Pants Blues
9-Laughin' in the Rain
10-Last Letter
12-If Not a Rhyme
14-Fast & Easy
(All songs copyright David Iglar)

Musicians on the Cobra CD:
Dave Iglar (electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, modal harmonica, electric sitar)
Andrea Iglar (alto, tenor & soprano saxophones, vocals)
Mark DeMeno (electric bass & upright bass)
Jeff Conner (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Dodge Flugher (drums & percussion)

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As the Fuse Burns (1997)
  • As the Fuse Burns (1997)

CD or Cassette?


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Dave Iglar and the Igniters
Available on CD or Cassette

12 Original Songs
Diverse collection of rock, pop & blues w/ great guitar work

1-Ya Never Know 
3-I Wasn't Lookin' 
4-What Can I Do
5-The Richest Man
7-I Tried
8-Growing Pains
10-The Pit
11-Shake Til You Break 
12-(Take a Ride on the) Brain Train

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Strong Signals (1991)
  • Strong Signals (1991)


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Force Field/Dave & Shari
Available on cassette only. 13 Original Songs & Arrangements
Excellent blues album!

1-Real Cool Daddy
2-Nothin' to Prove
3-Let it Roll 
4-Word for Love 
5-New Way to Get the Blues 
6-I Declare
7-Remember When
8-Queen Bee
9-Truckin' My Blues Away
10-Overtime Lovin'
11-Fool Me Twice Blues 
12-Strong Signals

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Dave & Shari (1995)
  • Dave & Shari (1995)


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Dave & Shari
Available on Cassette Only

11 Songs
Tracks 6-11 recorded live in concert 1994-95

1-Just a Little Bit
2-I Declare 
3-Stop Breakin' Down
6-Words (I Should've Said) 
7-Overtime Lovin'
8-It Hurts Me Too
9-Fool Me Twice Blues
10-The Sky is Cryin'
11-Ball & Chain/Crazy

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Cobra MP3s


Dave Iglar Band

Digital Album: Download MP3s of all 14 tracks from the Cobra CD

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  1. 1 Cobra (CD Title Track) 03:10 Info Free
  2. 2 Watchin' Blues 04:41 Info Free
  3. 3 Fast & Easy (Cobra CD Original) 05:35 Info Free
  4. 4 Galaxy 04:08 Info Free
  5. 5 Raggedy Pants Blues 06:43 Info Free
  6. 6 Lies for Sale 04:10 Free
  7. 7 Miles Shorter 06:08 Free
  8. 8 Laughin' in the Rain 06:44 Free
  9. 9 Blue Heart 04:22 Free
  10. 10 Darkview (Living Intense) 05:25 Free
  11. 11 Sisters 03:26 Free
  12. 12 Last Letter 04:06 Free
  13. 13 If Not a Rhyme 03:05 Free
  14. 14 Guitarnival 01:54 Free

Blues Merchandise

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CD-2008 "Blues from the Burgh" compilation CD featuring Dave Iglar Band's "Raggedy Pants Blues."